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Heart Surgeries

Heart Specialist In Vadodara

Dr. Apurv Vaidya is a Heart Specialist practicing in Vadodara for more than 25 years.
Heart specialist doctors  as the name suggests  deal with diseases of heart. Heart specialist doctors are of two kinds cardiac surgeons and cardiologists. Cardiac surgeons are heart specialists who treat diseases of heart by surgeries or operations. Specialist heart surgeons treat blockages of heart blood vessels, repair or replace leaking or narrowed heart valves and also surgically correct birth defects of heart. Dr. Apurv Vaidya is Best Heart Specialist in Vadodara.

Specialist heart surgeons also deal with diseases of major blood vessel of heart called aorta. Aorta can develop internal tears or can balloon up  leading to life threatening conditions.

If you are advised to take opinion of Heart Specialist in Vadodara or if you are suffering from any of the below mentioned conditions, you can book an appointment with Dr. Apurv Vaidya – Vadodara’s leading Heart Specialist Surgeon.

Heart Surgeries

Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery (CABG)

  • This is the commonest surgery being performed on heart. This surgery is performed when there are multiple blockages in blood vessels of heart (coronary arteries). Purpose of this surgery is to supply more blood to heart muscle.
  • Main benefits from this surgery are prevention of heart attack, relief from chest pain (Angina), prevention of further damage to pumping function of heart, reducing occurrence of heart failure, reduced risk of sudden death and improved quality of daily life.

Valve Repair and Replacement Surgery

  • Human heart has four valves and one or more of them may get diseased and either becomes narrow or starts leaking. Commonest causes of valve disease are – defective valve by birth, as a long term after effect of rheumatic fever in childhood, age related degradation or infection to the valve.
  • Valve surgery (repair or replacement) corrects these defects and aims to restores valve function back to normal. Uncorrected valve defects damage the heart, lungs, liver and eventually majority of the body organs and cause severe discomfort and disability to the patient; affecting quality of life and often causing early death. Almost all valve conditions are correctable by surgery.

Aortic Surgeries

  • Main blood vessel of heart, which carries blood to the entire body is called – Aorta. Sometimes this blood vessel becomes balloon like or dilated (aneurysm of aorta) or develops tear in the wall (dissection of aorta). These are life threatening situations and may need emergency surgeries.
  • Aim of the surgery is to replace damaged part of the aorta and underlying valve (if necessary) with synthetic tube and valve. These surgeries are called – aortic root replacement and aortic arch surgeries. They are major, difficult but lifesaving surgeries.

Congenital Heart Surgeries

  • Some children are born with heart defects. Majority of them are diagnosed and treated in childhood. However, diagnosis is missed in a few of these children with simple heart defects (like Atrial Septal Defect) due to lack of symptoms or minimal symptoms.
  • These patients often come to medical attention when they develop symptoms later in life. After proper investigations and diagnosis these patients can also be operated upon to correct the heart defect and give them good relief from their symptoms.


  • Heart has an outer covering of called pericardium. Sometimes this covering becomes thick and narrow and compresses the heart. This results in a condition called constrictive pericarditis. Left untreated, the patient develops swelling all over the body; his/her blood pressure drops and develops severe shortness of breath.
  • The thick and compressing layer of pericardium is removed surgically. This surgery is called Pericardiectomy. Done timely, this surgery is lifesaving and greatly improves quality of life.

Tumours of Heart

  • Tumours or growths within the heart are unusual. A particular non-cancerous tumour called Left Atrial Myxoma is the commonest heart tumour and occurs in left upper chamber of heart.
  • It needs to be removed surgically as early as possible; before it causes paralysis or damages the heart valve (mitral valve) or lungs. Other types of tumours of heart are very rare.

Heart Injuries

  • Injuries to the heart are of two types – penetrating and blunt. Penetrating injuries are result of sharp instruments or weapons directly injuring the heart – for example by stabbing in chest with a long knife. Blunt injuries to heart are part of severe chest injuries (like major vehicular accidents) and usually there are multiple associated injuries like injuries to lungs, spine, ribs, major blood vessels etc.
  • Heart injuries can very rapidly kill the patient and few patients are lucky enough to reach the hospital in time, undergo successful surgery and survive.